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DMC2013 China international model show

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DMC2013 China international mold, manufacturing equipment and related industry exhibition will be on June 18-21 at Shanghai new international expo center no.e1 - hall E4.During the period from Germany, Switzerland, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other 13 countries and regions of about more than 600 enterprises, contains Korea pavilion, Taiwan pavilion pavilion, cutting tool and mould industry gathering area 26, pavilion, pavilion will be on.
distribution is as follows:
      E1 and E2 concentration show international precision manufacturing equipment, such as processing center and high-speed milling, precision CNC grinding machine, CNC engraving machine, metal-cutting machine tools;Edm machine, wire cutting machine, laser equipment and other special processing machine tool;Rapid prototyping technology and equipment;Measuring equipment, etc.On behalf of the enterprise have a GF archie summer mir, DMG/Mori Seiki, SODICK caius, MITSUBISHI, MITSUBISHI electric Beijing carved, 3 d system, STRATASYS/Object, sea, kang, ZEISS ZEISS optics, etc.
     E3 pavilion in auto mould as the core exhibition China mold enterprise.
     E4 pavilion for comprehensive hall covers processing and forming equipment, mould, machine tools, measuring equipment, tools and accessories integrated exhibits and will continue to set up domestic tool exhibition will provide buyers with the platform of choice.

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